See Mary Pat McNeil & Jeff Dehler’s St. James Invoice For Campaign Work On Their Bond Referendum!

When Jeff Dehler of Dehler PR,  Lawrence, Indiana (metro Indianapolis), met with the ISD #518 school board to pitch his services, he reference his bond referendum campaign work at St. James ISD several times.  He team members in such school bond campaigns include Mary Pat McNeil of MP&G Marketing Solutions.  Apparently they invoice together and split the money later.  See his Indianapolis address here and his ‘team’ listed on his website here

Again, Dehler PR is the company that ISD #518 school board contracted to pay over $40,000 of taxpayer money to try to convince voters to pass this $68,495,000 school bond. 

And you can see the invoice they issued to the the St. James ISD school board here.  Note that the large majority of it was invoiced well after their Election Day.  Please note that we placed the yellow highlighting on the invoice for emphasis and it was not on the original.  Thank you.